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Valley UCW Celebrate Canada


Valley UCW Celebrate Canada

Celebrate Canada, was the theme of the 2017 United Church Women (UCW)


Spring Rally, held on May 17th, at the Aylesford United Church.  There were 109 women


from Weymouth to Scotch Village in  attendance.  Mae Kellough, a spritely 99 year old ,


was one of the special guests.  Every Spring, the Valley UCW groups meet to join in


fellowship and song.


In celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary, the women wore their patriotic colors

of red and white.  They were welcomed by Aylesford UCW president, Shirley


Thompson, followed by the singing of the national anthem.


Joy Myrah presented the devotions with an “O Canada Vignette,” which


highlighted the beauty of our country and its’ people.


Guest speaker was the Rev. John Moses, who made a presentation entitled,


Celebrating Canadian Women.  The focus was on the courage and achievements of


Canadian women and women’s groups over the years.  Rev. Moses also spoke of the


struggles of women in the past, who met road blocks while trying to enter


 universities and certain careers.


The struggles of indigenous women were also highlighted.  Many women in the

audience were shocked to hear that indigenous women had to wait until 1960, to be


granted the right to vote.  Rev. Moses also spoke about the injustices and the inequalities

that Canadian women still struggle with today.


The perseverance and achievements of great Canadian women such as Viola


Desmond, Maud Lewis and Nancy Greene Raine were highlighted, among many





Following the presentation, a lovely lunch was served.  The women later joined


their voices in song under the leadership of Sarah Keddy.  A selection of hymns


and Canadian themed songs were sung with gusto.


Sandra Allwright made a presentation, highlighting the accomplishments and


contributions that the Valley United Church Women have made over the years and what


they continue to do today.  A memorial service was held to honor the UCW members in


Valley Presbytery, who passed away in 2016 and who worked so very hard during their

lives to make great contributions to their communities and to their country.


  As part of the rally festivities, postcards were sent to United Churches across


 Canada, to extend a hand of friendship to fellow Canadians.


After the closing, the women filed out into the sunshine, amid the red and white


tulip-filled gardens, prepared to take up their tasks in the “good Canadian way.”



                                                                                  Submitted by Joy Myrah


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